2 Evps Chagford Devon

Spooky Sunday 27/08/23

These 2 evps were captured in the late afternoon on Monday 21st August 2023 in Chagford, Devon. I was with my partner, and he was helping me to find the tomb/headstone of Mary Whiddon, who is said to haunt the inn we were staying in that night. We weren’t having much luck in finding it so I decided to use the internet on my phone to see if there was a photo to help us with the search. I sat down on the bench, which was just several feet from the church. It was as I sat down and got my phone out, you can hear the raspy breath of someone unseen.

I didn't hear it at the time (thank goodness) and I found out that there was meant to be a stone on the church floor to memorialise the memory of Mary Whiddon. So we go off to the church entrance and we step inside. The church is completely empty. It has a lovely interior, so you hear me say "Oh wow", then I thank my partner for holding the door open for me. It was just then that the 2nd evp was captured. Again, it wasn't heard at the time.

Let me know what you hear for both evps as I've played them to several people, and all hear the same thing. You can leave your comments on X/Twitter here  or on the video on YouTube.

You can read more about the history of the Chagford hauntings here