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Bold Street, Liverpool (1) -It was in the 1980s when this happened to Carole. She worked in the city centre of Liverpool- read more
weird time slip
Bold Street, Liverpool, England (4)- A local man to the area of Bold Street tells of his time slip experience. I'll refer to him as Steve- read more
Thingwall time slip
The Thingwall Time Slip- Thingwall is a village on the Wirral Peninsula in Merseyside, England- read more
Time slips
Bold Street, Liverpool, England (2)-At the top of Bold Street, there are the remains of St Luke's church, which was bombed- read more
time slip Suffolk
The Strange Case of the House that Slips Through Time- There is an area between Bradfield St George and Rougham Green in Suffolk, England - read more
time slip Northumbria Scotland border
Battle of Nechtansmere Time Slip- Battle between the Picts under King Bruide, and the invading Northumbrians- read more
Time slip experience mystical times
Close by to Bold Street, Liverpool, England (3)- This time slip experience was at Central Station in Liverpool, just off Bold Street- read more
Time slip Avebury Wiltshire
The Avebury Village Fair Timeslip - It was a rainy October evening in 1916, when Edith Olivier was travelling from Devizes to Swindon - read more