Bold Street, Liverpool, England (1)

Time Slips Bold Street Liverpool

I am very curious about time slips, where the past seems to nudge the present out of its way and present itself then just seems to vanish. People who have experienced time slips all seem to share that the weather became 'different' or that the very essence of time had an effect of what they felt. There have been many reports of people experiencing time slips on a street called Bold Street in Liverpool. Here is just 1 of those experiences. Real names have been excluded so any names given are my choice of name.

*It was in the 1980s when this happened to Carole. She worked in the city centre of Liverpool and when it was nice weather, she would sit outside to eat her lunch. On this particular day, Carole sat upon a bench that was across from the Waterstones bookshop in Bold Street. There was a man sat on the other side of the bench. She began to notice that the sunshine felt and looked as though it had been dimmed, perhaps by a cloud but she reported it almost felt like the sun had been partially eclipsed. She also noticed that the usually busy area around her had become more quiet and less busy, very unusual for such a bustling area as the city centre. The man who shared the bench with Carole, began to make small talk with her.

Once Carole had unpacked her sandwiches, she looked at the man and noticed he was wearing smart clothes, but they were more of an earlier era; perhaps 1950s style. The man asked Carole a question as she was placing her litter in the bin at her side of the bench, so she began answering him and, as she turned to face him, he was nowhere to be seen!

This, unsurprisingly, shocked her, so she gave the area around her a good look to see if the man had wandered off. But she was unable to see him anywhere. It had taken Carole less than 2-3 seconds to place her litter in the bin, so how had the man disappeared just like that? It was also the time that the sunshine was back in full brightness and the crowds had also reappeared. Carole said she didn't believe in paranormal stuff and wasn't one for being interested in anything of this topic but was unable to explain why she had experienced this incident.

*Credit for this experience being researched & documented to Dr Ann Winsper