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When they call your name- disembodied voices
The Crumbles Ghosts & Murders
Mystical Times Blog Podcast with Michele Eve
My Own Spooky Experiences
When They Call Your Name- Getting your name called by a disembodied voice can be as disturbing as it is puzzling. It can make you question your hearing and sometimes, your sanity. The voices can sound male, female, soft or harsh. It may sound like your own voice, someone who you know, or like no one you have heard before. Read more
Other Haunted Counties in the UK
The Cottage by the Road- As they sat on their picnic blanket, chattering away to each other, they were startled by a low groaning noise. They tried to apply logic to the noise, thinking it was perhaps a large vehicle approaching so carried on chatting. The moaning noise started again and this time, the family grew scared  read more
Episode 7 Time Slips - In this episode, I’ll be sharing some real life experiences of Time Slips; where people seem to unexpectedly experience the past for just a moment or 2. The present seems to peel away and the experiencer gets to see what would’ve been in that area way back when.   Listen here
Spooky Sunday Strange Apparition Edwardian PhotoMystical Times Blog

Spooky Sunday

The Girl in the Window This photo was taken by paranormal author and investigator Andrew Green (28th July 1927- 21st May 2004) and it was taken in 1944. The house was situated on Montpelier Road, Ealing- Read more here
Medieval farter


The Medieval Flatulist- It was around the reign of King Henry II (1154-1189), that there was a court entertainer called Rowland le Sarcere. He had a few names he went by; Rollandi le Pettour, Rollandus le Pettus, Roland le Fartere, Roulandus le Fartere, and Roland le Sarcere, or in plain English- Rowland the Farter- read more

Time Slips

Timeslip 2006 in Bold Street, Liverpool- Jane wrote and told me she had been reading about time slips over the past 15+ years since it happened to her in the mid 2000’s on Bold Street in Liverpool, whilst she was attending university in Liverpool- read more
The Poltergeist of Westgate Street, Gloucester

Ghostly Gloucestershire

The Poltergeist of Westgate Street- 37 Westgate Street in Gloucester was once where the local Anglian Windows company had a branch but in the late 1980s, it was home to some very strange happenings indeed. Read more
The Last Resting Place

Strange Deaths and Burials

The Last Resting Place- It was in 1965 when the digging for the foundations of the building that went on to become Debenhams in Gloucester city centre came across a Roman road. It was discovered that this road had been resurfaced 6 times- read more

Your Gloucestershire Spooky Experiences Wanted!

If you've had a spooky/paranormal experiences in Gloucestershire, I'd be interested in hearing about it as I'm putting together a project about spooky goings on in Gloucestershire. Please use the email link below-