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Avebury Fairy experience
The Hauntings of Chagford, Devon
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My Own Spooky Experiences
Avebury Fairy Experience- The light of the pub was helpful when going towards the stones. We stopped at the third stone, where me and my partner huddled against the stone together. For some reason, I didn't want to go over to my favourite stone (The Devils Chair), which was just 3 stones away, so we remained huddled at the 3rd stone opposite the pub... read more
Other Haunted Counties in the UK
The Strange Happenings in a Small Somerset Village- It’s in this area that strange hauntings have been witnessed. In 1936, a local newspaper wrote up a piece about these hauntings and this is what it reported. Reverend Crossing, who lived in the rectory, witnessed a singing voice, that of a Tenor, coming from around the area of the church... read more
Episode 14 More Ghosts of Gloucestershire The city of Gloucester has a long and varied history, from the Romans settling there, Aethelred and Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians, were both buried at St Oswald’s. Franciscan monks and later, Dominican friars settled there and during the civil war, Royalists tried to take Gloucester but were unable to capture it. These are just a few events from Gloucester’s history, but it is no surprise to hear of the hauntings that happen within some of the historic buildings that remain in the city, and here are just 2 of those hauntings…..    Listen here
Spooky Sunday The Last Fairy Photo

Spooky Sunday

The Last Fairy Photo The Cottingley Fairy photos were taken by cousins Frances Griffiths, 9 years old and Elsie Wright, 16 years of age. It was in 1917 when they had cut out pictures of fairies from the Princess Marys Gift Book and placed those figures onto hairpins, leave and trees and created the famous photos that are known worldwide. Read more  
Medieval farter


The Medieval Flatulist- It was around the reign of King Henry II (1154-1189), that there was a court entertainer called Rowland le Sarcere. He had a few names he went by; Rollandi le Pettour, Rollandus le Pettus, Roland le Fartere, Roulandus le Fartere, and Roland le Sarcere, or in plain English- Rowland the Farter- read more

Time Slips

Timeslip 2006 in Bold Street, Liverpool- Jane wrote and told me she had been reading about time slips over the past 15+ years since it happened to her in the mid 2000’s on Bold Street in Liverpool, whilst she was attending university in Liverpool- read more
The Grey Ladies of Gloucestershire

Ghostly Gloucestershire

The Grey Ladies of Gloucestershire It would seem that the sightings of Grey Ladies are usually witnessed in older houses and always seem to be linked with a sad and tragic tale of centuries ago.. Read more
The Last Resting Place

Strange Deaths and Burials

The Last Resting Place- It was in 1965 when the digging for the foundations of the building that went on to become Debenhams in Gloucester city centre came across a Roman road. It was discovered that this road had been resurfaced 6 times- read more

Your Gloucestershire Spooky Experiences Wanted!

If you've had a spooky/paranormal experiences in Gloucestershire, I'd be interested in hearing about it as I'm putting together a project about spooky goings on in Gloucestershire. Please use the email link below-