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Skirrid Inn by Michele Eve Mystical Times Blog
The Crumbles Ghosts & Murders
Mystical Times Blog Podcast with Michele Eve
My Own Spooky Experiences
A Short Visit to the Skirrid Inn-Went in the pub and while I was taking it all in, I stepped into the main bar (where the massive fireplace is). I saw a figure, who was draped in black....read more
Other Haunted Counties in the UK
The Cottage by the Road- As they sat on their picnic blanket, chattering away to each other, they were startled by a low groaning noise. They tried to apply logic to the noise, thinking it was perhaps a large vehicle approaching so carried on chatting. The moaning noise started again and this time, the family grew scared  read more
Episode 2 Haunted Pubs- I share the real life spooky experiences of Joseph, who ran 2 pubs in Gloucestershire. I also look into the history of those pubs to see if there are any connections with the hauntings.
Spooky Sunday Strange Apparition Edwardian PhotoMystical Times Blog

Spooky Sunday

Strange Apparition Edwardian Photograph- There wasn’t too much information about this photo; only that it became a postcard and  that it was taken in Golden Valley, Charfold in Edwardian times. This valley stretches from Stroud to Sapperton in Gloucestershire. Read more 
ghosts shadow people Tewkesbury Gloucestershire

House of Strange Happenings

Bumps and Bangs -An update to the house of strange happenings. Things have quietened down but is it going to remain like that?  September 2022 Read more
Medieval farter


The Medieval Flatulist- It was around the reign of King Henry II (1154-1189), that there was a court entertainer called Rowland le Sarcere. He had a few names he went by; Rollandi le Pettour, Rollandus le Pettus, Roland le Fartere, Roulandus le Fartere, and Roland le Sarcereor in plain English- Rowland the Farter- read more

Time Slips

I am very curious about time slips, where the past seems to nudge the present out of it's way  and present itself then just seems to vanish   ... Read more
The Housesitting Horror in a Cotswold Village

Ghostly Gloucestershire

The Tewkesbury Abbey Ghosts - There are also ghostly monks who are seen inside the abbey. These were the men who were ejected from their monastery during the dissolution so it's no surprise their ghostly figures are seen from time to time. Read more

Was It On The Cards?

Strange Deaths and Burials

Was It On the Cards?- It was in Chalford, Gloucestershire in 1766, where several men had got together to have a game of cards. The evening was going very smoothly until around 11pm there was a dispute between the card players. Read more

Your Gloucestershire Spooky Experiences Wanted! 

If you've had a spooky/paranormal experiences in Gloucestershire, I'd be interested in hearing about it as I'm putting together a project about spooky goings on in Gloucestershire. Please use the email link below-