Other Haunted Counties in the UK 

If you have a spooky story or experience from your county in the UK, then please contact me so I can put it on this page or even put it on the audio version of the website! Contact me here- Michele Eve


Somerset, a beautiful county in the West Country, has lush rolling hills, gorges, caves and along with it also being largely an agricultural area that produces the most amazing ciders and cheeses. It has also been occupied by humans since prehistoric times, so there's little wonder that it is indeed, a very haunted county with many myths and legends.

The Strange Happenings in a Small Somerset Village- It’s in this area that strange hauntings have been witnessed. In 1936, a local newspaper wrote up a piece about these hauntings and this is what it reported. Reverend Crossing, who lived in the rectory, witnessed a singing voice, that of a Tenor, coming from around the area of the church... read more
The Hauntings of Dunster Castle, Somerset- Dunster Castle is situated high on a hill, overlooking the medieval town of Dunster and is on the north east boundary of Exmoor National Park in Somerset. The castle's history spans over a 1,000 years so as you may imagine, it has had some very spooky experiences happen within its walls- read more
The Cavalier Ghost- In the high street of the cathedral city of Wells in Somerset, there used to be a pub called the KIng Charles Parlour and it was said to be haunted. The ghost was said to be a cavalier, who was said to always have a smile on his face and was given the nickname Charlie- read more


Devon’s name comes from the word Dumnonia, as it was once home to the Dumnonni Celts during the British Iron Age and Roman Britain, and is thought to mean ‘deep valley dwellers’. Devon is a very rural county, made up of hilly landscapes, coastal cliffs and sandy shores. It has 2 national parks, several areas of outstanding beauty and not forgetting its world famous cream teas!

Full of history and intriguing folklore, it's no wonder there are many spooky tales to be told from this county.

The Hauntings of Chagford, Devon- The Three Crowns building played a part in both of these untimely deaths of Sidney Godolphin and Mary Whiddon. It used to be a town home for a wealthy family when first built with Dartmoor granite then it became an inn called The Black Swan at some point in the late 1600s. Read more 


The beautiful county of Wiltshire is steeped in history and has many ghosts that roam its buildings and panoramic landscapes. The areas that are most well known are Stonehenge and Avebury Stone Circle. Wiltshire has many pretty villages and market towns, whose historic buildings reflect the days of yesteryear. Wiltshire also has many White Horses, carved onto its vista. I happily lived in Wiltshire for several years and still visit this beautiful county a few times a year.

Manor house Bradford on Avon Wiltshire
Highworth Wiltshire haunted church
Tale of two haunted Hills Wiltshire
The Lord, A Lady in White and the Treasure -When Lord Castletown was a small boy, he was part of a group of other children and relatives, who all decided to spend Christmas Eve in an ancestral home, which was owned by one of the people in the group. Read more
The Ghost of St Michaels and All Angels church- It was in 1907, on Friday 5th April when a young man, J. Graham Arkell was in the church. He had his younger brother (15), his sister (18) and also a friend (18) Miss Ludlow. Read more
A Tale of Two Haunted Hills in Wiltshire- These 2 experiences were told to writer Kathleen Wiltshire, who wrote the book 'Ghost and Legends of the Wiltshire Countryside'. Read more


A very English haunting Bredon near Tewkesbury
The Cottage by the Road
A Very English Haunting In the pretty village of Bredon, close to the town of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, there was a ghostly figure spotted 3 different times by 3 different witnesses. Read more-
The Cottage by the Road- As they sat on their picnic blanket, chattering away to each other, they were startled by a low groaning noise. They tried to apply logic to the noise, thinking it was perhaps a large vehicle approaching so carried on chatting. The moaning noise started again and this time, the family grew scared  read more


The Crumbles Ghosts and Murders
The Crumbles Ghosts & Murders- "On its head it wore a large round hat. It did not walk but just glided along. Then as it got nearer to the huts on the beach, it just sunk into the ground and disappeared..." read more