Strange Deaths & Burials

Was It On the Cards?- It was in Chalford, Gloucestershire in 1766, where several men had got together to have a game of cards. The evening was going very smoothly until around 11pm there was a dispute between the card players - Read more
Double Decker Tram of Death-It was on the 22nd of August in 1901 when 2 single decker trams travelled from Lansdown Castle to Cleeve Hill. The trams had VIP passengers riding in them and this travelling ceremony was to officially open this state of the art light railway- read more
The Last Resting Place- It was in 1965 when the digging for the foundations of the building that went on to become Debenhams in Gloucester city centre came across a Roman road. It was discovered that this road had been resurfaced 6 times- read more
strange death burials Gloucestershire
Back from the Dead Prediction In the year of 1793 in Prestbury, Gloucestershire, a Mrs Blocksum passed away at the age of 103- read more
Funeral Days strange deaths burials Forest of Dean Gloucestershire
Funeral Days Funerals rarely took place on a Monday in the Forest of Dean- read more
Bleeding skeleton strange deaths Gloucestershire
Bleeding Skeleton Charles Hillier of Uley was a veteran of the Peninsular War and it was where he lost both his legs- read more
Gloucestershire heart burial history
Heart Burial In the Gloucestershire village of Coberley, there stands a church that - read more
weird deaths Tewkesbury Gloucestershire
Death by Wine Vat On the 31st of October 1479, the Duke of Clarence, who was the younger brother of Edward IV- read more
Unusual gravestone Gloucestershire
Unusual Headstone There's an unusual gravestone in the churchyard of St Mary, Chipping Norton- read more