House of Strange Happenings

Moved into our new home at the end of May 2021. It's in the Gloucestershire town of Tewkesbury which is well known for it's historical buildings, alleyways, the abbey and of course, the Battle of Tewkesbury.

We know our house to be of late Georgian or early Victorian but was told by a surveyor, that, according to certain aspects of the house, it's more likely to be over 300 years old or rather the outside of the building is built over a much older building. I am researching this aspect to ascertain if this has been recorded somewhere in time.

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The Whispering Women- First night sleeping here, I awoke around 3am and got up to go to the bathroom. As I was walking across the landing, I heard 3 women talking- read more
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EVP Captured- I decided I would do a recording session on my phones recorder so placed it on the landing between the first staircase and the second ( as that's the area the voices have been heard) - read more
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Updates and EVP's- Updates from September to November 2021- read more

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Neighbour Noise- My next door neighbour is very friendly and a good neighbour, We take in parcels for each other and always have a chat. She wanted to meet Newman the cat-read more- read more
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Phenomena- I've been taking notes of any phenomena happening in the house so I could write about several incidences in 1 post. At the end of June, I saw a big blue light in my bedroom - read more
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Updates January and February 2022 - All was quiet in and around the house during the month of December 2021. Things started to stir up on the evening of January 3rd 2022- read more
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Name Calling- One of my adult sons is living with us at the moment. His room is on the 3rd floor so there's another set of stairs in this 3 storey house. He has an en-suite so it's only him that - read more
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History and More Happenings- There have been 3 more incidences of strangeness since I last posted plus I will add some history about the house that I have found out. This 1st incident happened - read more
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Update April 2022- Now, this is the weirdest experience in this house to date and I am so glad that my partner was able to witness this weirdness! Read more
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Bumps and Bangs -An update to the house of strange happenings. Things have quietened down but is it going to remain like that? September 2022 Read more
Voices, Knocks and Visitors -An update to the house of strange happenings. I now have a name to a ghostly figure I saw several months ago- December 2022 Read more
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The Friendly Feline- Things here have been generally quiet until the evening of April the 4th- Read more.