The Whispering Women

Image by <a href=Juan Russo from Pixabay" loading="lazy" />

First night sleeping here, I awoke around 3am and got up to go to the bathroom. As I was walking across the landing, I heard 3 women talking. The voices appeared to come from mid-air above the 5th step on the stairway. The accents were that of Gloucestershire but their words seemed a little different from todays way of talking.

Of course I was a little sleepy and disorientated, due to being in a different house but was aware enough of clearly hearing these voices but not being able to distinguish what was being said, until the last sentence- " She/See/Ye- ( don't know which) can hear us" (The first word was one of these). It then went all quiet. It wasn't my neighbour as she has an American accent and has a small son. But saying about my neighbour then leads to something else that was experienced.