My Spooky Experiences

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Avebury Fairy Experience- The light of the pub was helpful when going towards the stones. We stopped at the third stone, where me and my partner huddled against the stone together. For some reason, I didn't want to go over to my favourite stone (The Devils Chair), which was just 3 stones away, so we remained huddled at the 3rd stone opposite the pub... read more
When They Call Your Name- Getting your name called by a disembodied voice can be as disturbing as it is puzzling. It can make you question your hearing and sometimes, your sanity. The voices can sound male, female, soft or harsh. It may sound like your own voice, someone who you know, or like no one you have heard before. Read more
A Short Visit to the Skirrid Inn-Went in the pub and while I was taking it all in, I stepped into the main bar (where the massive fireplace is). I saw a figure, who was draped in more
Growing up in a Spiritualist family
Growing up in a Spiritualist family Here's a little bit of background about how I grew up as this has a bearing on how our perception and filters can and are defined by these early influences -read more
A winged creature in Minnesota
A Winged Creature in Minnesota This experience happened in MN in 2006, around the end of October- I know it was towards the end of October as my flight back to the UK was at the beginning of November- read more
As if by Magic, it Appeared apport medium reading weird
As if by Magic, it Appeared When I was over in the US back in the mid 2000s, I would get requests from people wanting to have a mediumistic reading from me- read more
Trauma and a Night Time Visitor
Trauma and a Night Time Visitor I tend to believe there is a correlation between having a traumatic life experience or a near death experience with seeing/sensing the paranormal or spiritual- read more
A Reading, a Dream and a Serial Killer  mystical times blog Ted Bundy
A Reading, a Dream and a Serial Killer When I was giving mediumistic readings, I would often get asked to do readings via email or Skype. Someone had asked if I would look at a photograph via email -read more
Ghosts hotel Gloucester
The Captain- Station Hotel, Gloucester This ghostly experience happened at The Station Hotel in Gloucester, Gloucestershire back in 2018. I was staying in one of the rooms- read more 
UFO sighting Hampshire
Look to the Skies I was lucky enough as a child to go on wonderful holidays to Leckford in Hampshire, England. My mother worked for John Lewis back in the 70's and they had a holiday camp -read more
reincarnation spooky previous lives mystical times blog
Remember This...a child remembering a previous life Here's a personal experience I had with my oldest son who was 3 years of age at the time he told me about his previous life and death. It was a hot & sunny day and I was having lunch- read more
haunted hotel Tewkesbury Tudor house ghosts
The Drummer Boy, Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury It was several years ago when I stayed at the Tudor House hotel. On this occasion, we stayed 2 nights- read more