My Spooky Experiences

A Short Visit to the Skirrid Inn-Went in the pub and while I was taking it all in, I stepped into the main bar (where the massive fireplace is). I saw a figure, who was draped in more
Growing up in a Spiritualist family
Growing up in a Spiritualist family Here's a little bit of background about how I grew up as this has a bearing on how our perception and filters can and are defined by these early influences -read more
A winged creature in Minnesota
A Winged Creature in Minnesota This experience happened in MN in 2006, around the end of October- I know it was towards the end of October as my flight back to the UK was at the beginning of November- read more 
As if by Magic, it Appeared apport medium reading weird
As if by Magic, it Appeared When I was over in the US back in the mid 2000s, I would get requests from people wanting to have a mediumistic reading from me- read more 
Trauma and a Night Time Visitor
Trauma and a Night Time Visitor I tend to believe there is a correlation between having a traumatic life experience or a near death experience with seeing/sensing the paranormal or spiritual- read more
A Reading, a Dream and a Serial Killer  mystical times blog Ted Bundy
A Reading, a Dream and a Serial Killer When I was giving mediumistic readings, I would often get asked to do readings via email or Skype. Someone had asked if I would look at a photograph via email  -read more
Ghosts hotel Gloucester
The Captain- Station Hotel, Gloucester This ghostly experience happened at The Station Hotel in Gloucester, Gloucestershire back in 2018. I was staying in one of the rooms- read more 
UFO sighting Hampshire
Look to the Skies I was lucky enough as a child to go on wonderful holidays to Leckford in Hampshire, England. My mother worked for John Lewis back in the 70's and they had a holiday camp -read more
reincarnation spooky previous lives mystical times blog
Remember This...a child remembering a previous life Here's a personal experience I had with my oldest son who was 3 years of age at the time he told me about his previous life and death. It was a hot & sunny day and I was having lunch- read more
haunted hotel Tewkesbury Tudor house ghosts
The Drummer Boy, Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury  It was several years ago when I stayed at the Tudor House hotel. On this occasion, we stayed 2 nights- read more