The Drummer Boy- Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury

The Drummer Boy- Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury

It was several years ago when I stayed at the Tudor House hotel. On this occasion, we stayed 2 nights and asked to be roomed in one of the newer parts at the back of the hotel as we had not stayed in that part of the hotel before.

We knew it had a reputation of being haunted but we were on a mission then to sort out our house purchase so lots of admin to do. The hotel is very old, dating back to the 16th century and overlooks the River Avon, along with the interior having oak beams, open fireplaces and even an original priest's hole.

So we went to our room and got ready to go out to eat. Then we come back to the room and settled down to go to sleep. I hadn't had any alcohol but my partner had. I finally got off to sleep but only to find myself woken up by a single drum sound then the sounds of lots of footsteps but the footsteps were slightly dull sounding as though the feet were on grass or mud.

Being slightly in shock by what I heard and being woken up at around 4am, my first thought was maybe it had been an alarm for the hotel? But then realised if it had been an alarm, it would be continuous not just the sound of this drum.

I calmed myself down and managed to get back to sleep.

Later, I spoke to one of the friendly reception staff and told her what I had heard and she exclaimed "You've heard the Little Drummer Boy!"

This Drummer Boy was said to have been involved with the bloody battles of Tewkesbury and several guests staying in the room we were staying in had heard his drum too but not the sound of many footsteps I had heard.

I would definitely stay in that room again, just in case I get to hear that young boy play his drum from all those centuries ago.