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On some Sundays I upload a spooky photo, video or audio that I think may be of interest. Some of the media can have an interesting backstory and if there is, I will add that to the post. Click on the photo to read the story behind the image.

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haunted pub ghost lights
partial ghostly figure caught on photo Gloucester
Odd Lights & Figure in Pub Garden- The figure appears to be bumping into the side of one of the marquees and the illuminous parts can be seen through one of the posts too. Read more
Ghostly photo- Gloucester National Waterways Museum - On the 29th July 2008, a thirteen year old girl took a photo in the Gloucester National Waterways Museum. The photo (see below) captured a ghostly figure partly obscured by a wooden barrel- read more
A Mothers Love- In March, 2015, a fisherman called 911 to say he had spotted an upturned car in a river in Utah. Police and firefighters (all male) rushed to the area where the car was and were trying to turn the car over when a females voice was heard to say "Help me, Help us", to which one of the emergency responders replied "We're helping, we're coming" Read more  
The Last Fairy Photo The Cottingley Fairy photos were taken by cousins Frances Griffiths, 9 years old and Elsie Wright, 16 years of age. It was in 1917 when they had cut out pictures of fairies from the Princess Marys Gift Book and placed those figures onto hairpins, leave and trees and created the famous photos that are known worldwide. Read more  
2 EVPs Chagford Devon-  These 2 evps were captured in the late afternoon on Monday 21st August 2023 in Chagford, Devon. What do you hear? Read and hear more
Ghostly Figures in Norwich Cathedral Cloisters This photo was taken in the deserted cloisters of Norwich Cathedral, in 1990 by Rachel Burch, who was taking sepia photos for a GCSE art project. Two strange figures can be seen but who are they?  Read more
The Corroborre Rock Ghost This photo was taken in 1959 by Reverend R S Blance during a visit to the Corroborre Rock formation in Australia. The Reverend said he was alone when taking the photo and only noticed the partially transparent figure when the photograph was developed. Read more
The Girl in the Window This photo was taken by paranormal author and investigator Andrew Green (28th July 1927- 21st May 2004) and it was taken in 1944. The house was situated on Montpelier Road, Ealing- Read more here
Ghostly figure in a Gloucester garden
Ghost monks of Tintern Abbey
Edwardian strange photo Gloucestershire spooky Sunday
The Ghostly Figure in the Garden- This photograph was taken in 2017 by Jay James, who was having a smoke at 3am in his gran's back garden in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Read more
The Ghost Monks at Tintern Abbey- Here are 2 photos taken 10 years apart. The first photo shows 2 ghostly monk figures who seem to be standing on the floorless first floor and in the second photo, the monk is on the ground floor- read more
Strange Apparition Edwardian Photograph- There wasn’t too much information about this photo; only that it became a postcard and that it was taken in Golden Valley, Charfold in Edwardian times. This valley stretches from Stroud to Sapperton in Gloucestershire. Read more
The Chillingham Castle Face in the dungeon
Ghostly Figure in Pub Cellar Spooky Sunday Mystical Times blog Michele Eve
Spooky Sunday Walking Woman Apparition Mystical Times Blog
The Chillingham Castle Face-This photo was sent to me and was taken in the dungeon area of Chillingham Castle in June 2022 by *Martha, who was staying at the castle for a few nights with her partner *Douglas. Read more
Ghostly Figure in Pub Cellar-This photograph was taken in 1973 and shows the cellar of a 17th century public house, King Charles II, in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England. Read more
The Walking Woman Apparition This video was taken when they were investigating a school and there were 2 investigators who were filming but both never saw the figure walking past them. Read more
Spooky Sunday The Cocklawborn Beach Figures
The Arc of Light paranormal investigation
The Campfire Figure
The Cocklawborn Beach Figures- This photo was taken in the late 1990's on the beach at Cocklawborn, near Berwick upon Tweed in Northumberland. Read more
The Arc of Light This photo was taken when Barry Taff was investigating the case of Doris Bither who alleged paranormal happenings in her home in California 1974. Read more
The Campfire Figure Apart from it being a small gathering at a camp side in the U.S and the photographer was taking a shot of some of the people around the campfire. The figure wasn't noticed until looking through the photos taken that night. Read more
Haunted road Spooky Sunday
Ruskington Horror/Sleaford Terror A15 road This Spooky Sunday features a 2 part video about the strange events of a road (the A15) in Lincolnshire- read more
Weird phone calls Spooky Sunday
Creepy Phone Calls from a Strange Entity-
These calls are very odd and the monotone voice is quite bizarre. 3 of them were made in the same night and the 4th came the next day. Just who were these calls from? Read more
Church ghost Spooky Sunday
The Worstead Ghost -This photo was taken in 1975 in a church that is in the Norfolk village of Worstead. You can see the lady with the dark hair wearing yellow and cream outfit. Read more 
Ghost London Underground
Barton Mansion Spooky Sunday
Ghost St Botoloph
Ghosts on the Underground -This documentary was made in 2005 and it explores people who work or worked for the London Underground who share their ghostly experiences. Lots of plague pits, crypts and churches have been disturbed in the making of the tracks and stations, could this be why parts of the underground are said to be haunted? Read more
The Barton Mansion Video-I remember seeing this video on the early 2000's so thought I'd re-visit it for Spooky Sunday. This video was taken in September 2001 in the abandoned Barton Mansion in Redland, California Read more
The Ghost of St Botolph, Bishopgate, London -This photo (originally in colour) was taken in 1982 by Chris Brackley in the historic St, Botolph church in London. He was taking photos with only his wife and himself inside the church Read more
Spooky Sunday ghost photos
Ghostly Monk Figure- Over the years It has been stated that this building is haunted by an Abbot and a monk, There have been reports of chanting being heard from the building so it had somewhat of a haunted reputation- read more
Ghost photos mystical times blog
The Tower of London Ghost- The Tower of London has a long and bloody history. Who was the ghostly boy captured on this photo taken just a few years ago? Read more
Scary spooky ghost photos spooky Sunday
The Flint Castle Ghost-This photo was taken in August 2021 at Flint Castle in Wales. It was taken by a father who was visiting the grounds of the castle remains with his young son- Read more
Ghost figure museum
Figure in Aircraft Museum-This Spooky Sunday post contains 3 photos taken in an aircraft museum by a group called Spectre detectors- Spooky Sunday 02/01/2022
Spooky Sunday ghosts creepy paranormal Coventry ghost haunted haunted buildings haunted house
York Castle Museum Ghost- This photo was taken in the York Castle Museum prison cells in 2013. This area is said to be very haunted- Spooky Sunday read more
Spooky Sunday ghosts creepy paranormal Coventry ghost haunted haunted buildings haunted house
Coventry Flat Ghost Photo- This photo was taken in October 2020 in a living room in a block of flats- Spooky Sunday read more
Spooky Sunday
Podcast Interview- Hear my interview on the The Weird Wacky and Wonderful stories podcast with Shelly & Bella... Spooky Sunday 31/10/2021
Spooky Sunday 24/10/2021
Tantallon Castle - The Two Ghost Photos Two possible ghost photos taken in the same area of a castle 30 years apart -Spooky Sunday 24/10/2021 
A Somerset Haunting Spooky Sunday
A Somerset Haunting- This photo involved 2 well known authors and investigators of supernatural happenings in their time. Find out why...Spooky Sunday 10/10/2021
Ghost in the Bed Spooky Sunday
Ghost in the Bed - This photo was taken in the historic Worley Bed & Breakfast Inn, Dahlonega, Georgia, US in 1999... Spooky Sunday 12/09/2021
Face in the Window Spooky Sunday
Face in the Window- This black & white photo was taken was taken of an abandoned building in Largs, North Ayrshire, Scotland in the month of September 2016- Spooky Sunday 25/07/2021
Oare Church ghost photo Spooky Sunday
Oare church on Exmoor -This photo taken in Oare church which is on Exmoor. The photographer states that the church was empty when this photo was taken- Spooky Sunday 16/05/2021
The Gunwalloe Church Cove Spooky Sunday
The Gunwalloe Church Cove Ghoul- Warren Smith took this shot of his father and brother at this local beauty spot on his Samsung mobile phone. Warren was shocked to find the dark figure, wearing a hat on the snapshot- Spooky Sunday 28/03/2021 
The Grey Lady Spooky Sunday 21/02/2021
The Grey Lady This photo was taken on the top of Dudley Castle Tower and shows Sharington Range Tudor palace. Dudley castle was built in 1071 and has the reputation of being the most haunted castle in England - Spooky Sunday 21/02/2021 
Bakerloo Electric Chair Spooky Sunday Mystical times blog
The Bakerloo Electric Chair This photo was taken in 1983 on the Bakerloo line in London. It was taken by Karen Collett - Spooky Sunday 10/01/2021
Ghost baby photo mystical times blog Spooky Sunday
Ghost Baby Photo This photo was taken between 1946-1947, in a cemetery in Queensland, Australia. It was taken by Mrs. Mary Andrews- Spooky Sunday 19/11/2020
Spooky Sunday mystical times blog
Amityville Ghost photo This photo was taken in the infamous Amityville house in 1976. It is located in Long Island, New York. & has a history - Spooky Sunday 11/10/2020
mystical times blog spooky sunday
Car Passenger Ghost This photo was taken on March 22nd 1959 by Mabel Chinnery. Mrs. Chinnery and her husband had driven to the graveyard in in Ipswich, Suffolk- Spooky Sunday 20/09/2020
Spooky Sunday ghost photo
The Unexpected Diner These 2 photos were taken in 1988 Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Maurach, Austria The group of people were enjoying each others company whilst enjoying food - Spooky Sunday 16/08/2020
Spooky Sunday Mystical times blog
Boothill Cemetery Figure This image was taken in 1996 in Boothill cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona. It was taken by Terry Ike Clanton and it was shot on film, not digital-Spooky Sunday 28/06/2020
The Head Spooky Sunday
The Head- This photo was taken in 2008, in one of the largest aquariums in the UK and is situated in the city of Hull... Spooky Sunday 22/08/21
Leap Castle Strange Figure Spooky Sunday
Leap Castle Strange Figure-  On the evening this photo was taken, the ghost hunting group had a lot of activity during their visit but this photo was taken when the group took a break- Spooky Sunday 04/07/2021
Bridge Tea Rooms Wiltshire Spooky Sunday
The Bridge Tea Rooms -There's a lovely quaint team room in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire that is popular with tourists and locals alike. The building dates from 1502 -Spooky Sunday 02/05/2021
Weird Face in the Window
Weird Face in the Window This is a photo taken in Trowbridge, Wiltshire in 2014. It was taken by Michelle Midwinter and it is her house. She had moved to her house only a week before taking the photo. When she spotted the face in the photo,- Spooky Sunday 21/03/2021  
it's in the trees Spooky Sunday Mystical times blog
It's in the Trees This photo was taken in 2018 in Plessey Woods Park by Laura Watson, She was visiting the local beauty spot with her 2 children Charlotte (15) and Byrin (9) and their cousin Jack (16).    Spooky Sunday 14/02/2021 
Brown Ghost Lady Spooky Sunday Mystical Times blog
The Brown Lady Ghost The Brown Lady ghost is a well known photo. It was taken in Raynham Hall in Norfolk back in 1936 - Spooky Sunday 13/12/2020 
Ilkley Moor Alien Encounter Mystical times blog spooky sunday
The Ilkley Moor Alien Encounter This is a strange case from 1987 that happened on Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire in the UK- Spooky Sunday 15/11/2020
Sefton Church ghost Spooky Sunday mystical times blog
Sefton Church Ghost Sefton Church is in Liverpool and the original part of the building was constructed in the 12th century, with additions made during the 16th century- Spooky Sunday 04/10/2020
Tulip Staircase Ghost Photo   Spooky Sunday ghosts13/09/2020
Tulip Staircase Ghost Photo This photo was taken at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England back in the 1960's, It was taken by a retired clergyman Rev Ralph Hardy- Spooky Sunday 13/09/2020
Spooky Sunday ghost photos mystical times blog
The Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Ghost Photo Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is located in Cook County, Illinois and it has many accounts of different types of strange phenomena -Spooky Sunday 19/07/2020 
Ghost photos Somerset
Ghost in Helicopter This photograph was taken in Fleet Air Arm Station at Yelverton, Somerset in 1987- Spooky Sunday 21/06/2020
The Black Abbot of Prestbury, Gloucestershire Spooky Sunday
The Black Abbot of Prestbury, Gloucestershire - This photo of a ghostly Monk was taken on 22nd November 1990, ... Spooky Sunday 01/08/2021
Figure in the Window Spooky Sunday
Figure in the Window- This photo taken around 2011/12 in Kendal, Cumbria. The Victorian building called Meadow House was due to be demolished and the photo was taken by the demolition supervisor - Spooky Sunday 20/06/2021 
Wardour Caste Ghost Photo Spooky Sunday
Wardour Castle Ghost Photo -This photo was taken at Wardour Castle in Wiltshire, UK in the summer of 2007. Carol Earl is the lady in the photo- Spooky Sunday 11/04/2021
Seated apparition Spooky Sunday
Seated Apparition -This photo was taken on July 18th 2015, in a un-named venue in Norwich. It was taken by Jodie Carman, whilst investigating the venue with the local Norfolk Ghost Hunters Group. The building is said to be very haunted- Spooky Sunday 28/02/2021  
Child ghost in white spooky Sunday mystical times blog
Child in White This photograph was taken at a farm in Hertfordshire in 2008 by photographer and graphic designer Neil Sandbach. He was photographing scenic shots around the farm -Spooky Sunday 31/01/2021
Bigfoot 911 calls spooky
Bigfoot 911 Calls Here are 2 (pre-edited to cut out the typing etc) 911 phone calls regarding 2 incidents in & around his back yard- Spooky Sunday 06/12/2020
Coventry ghost mystical times blog spooky Sunday
St. Mary's Guildhall, Coventry Taken in 1985...when the photo was developed, a large. tall figure was captured - Spooky Sunday 08/11/2020
ghost spooky Sunday mystical times blog
Grandpa Ghost I remember the original posting of this photo back in the early 2000's on the Ghoststudy forum. The forum and website are still online- Spooky Sunday 27/09/2020
Haunted Woodchester Mansion Gloucestershire
Soldier Ghost This photo was taken at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire, England. Woodchester Mansion was built on a previous dwelling of a Georgian country house- Spooky Sunday 30/08/2020
Ghost photos Sunday mystical times blog
Lord Combermere Ghost Photo This photo was taken in 1891 and it shows the faint image of Lord Combermere in his favourite chair in the library of his residence- Spooky Sunday 12/07/2020
ghost sighting experiences paranormal
The Warwick Castle Apparition This photograph that was taken in a room called the Kenilworth Room in Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, England -Spooky Sunday 07/06/2020
Ghost Edward Jenner ghost vaccination
The Ghost of Edward Jenner In 1749, Edward Jenner was born in Berkley, Gloucestershire. He was the pioneer of smallpox vaccination and the father of immunology - Spooky Sunday 17/05/2020
ghosts paranormal aliens UFO mystical times blog
The Mystery of the Solway Spaceman Not a ghost but a mysterious figure taken when a father was taken photos of his daughter in Cumbria in 1964 -Spooky Sunday 31/05/2020