Leap Castle Strange Figure

Spooky Sunday 04/07/2021

This weeks Spooky Sunday features a photo taken during a ghost investigation in Leap Castle, which is in Coolderry, County Offaly, Ireland.

Leap Castle has a long and bloody history, It is said the the building was first constructed around the 13th century, although some disagree with this and say it was built during the 15th century. The building had many uses throughout the centuries; a fortress, a tomb and a home.

On the evening this photo was taken, the ghost hunting group had a lot of activity during their visit but this photo was taken when the group took a break. It was Sharon Moen that took the photo, taking it as she thought the candle looked very attractive and would make a good photo. It was only later on that she discovered the dark, shadowy figure that was lurking in the background. It is said that an Elemental resides at Leap Castle- could this be that?

Leap Castle has such a bloody and long history that you may wish to read about so here is the website that will go into depth about the history and the Elemental- http://leapcastle.net/    If you love history and tales of darkness and the hauntings, you'll really love this website.