Ghostly Gloucestershire

Ghostly Gloucestershire

Your Ghostly Gloucestershire experiences wanted!

If you've had a paranormal. ghostly or spooky experience in Gloucestershire then please use the link below to email me about it, I am doing a podcast  about all things spooky in Gloucestershire so I need your input! I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Ghost House- Forest of Dean

The Poltergeist of Westgate Street- 37 Westgate Street in Gloucester was once where the local Anglian Windows company had a branch but in the late 1980s, it was home to some very strange happenings indeed. Read more
The Horror of Hare Lane- There was a bicycle repair shop on Hare Lane, Gloucester, back in the day when the bicycle was used as daily transport and one lucky young man, Mr Howell, was taken on at this shop to learn how to repair bicycles. Howell was mainly working in the workshop, which was in the cellar, below the shop- read more
The Ghostly Hounds of Gloucestershire -This incident was reported to a local Gloucestershire newspaper in 1950. It happened near Little Badminton, in a wooded area. A group of 4 people, who were 2 married couples, decided to go on an all night ramble in the wooded area- read more

Five Go Ghost Hunting in Gloucestershire-It was on the night of a full moon on October 24th, 1950 when 5 young men, all in their early twenties, decided they were going to seek out the ghosts that had been witnessed throughout the decades at an ancient barn that was said to have been a Saxon church. Read more
The Ghosts of Nether Lypiatt Manor- Sightings of a ghostly Blacksmith riding a horse are said to be seen on every January 25th. Here's the story and history behind the hauntings and the people who once lived there- read more
The Tewkesbury Abbey Ghosts - There are also ghostly monks who are seen inside the abbey. These were the men who were ejected from their monastery during the dissolution so it's no surprise their ghostly figures are seen from time to time. Read more
The Housesitting Horror- It was in the mid 1980’s when Derek and Miranda were asked to dog and house sit for their friends. Their friends lived in a rather lovely, historic house; Georgian and Jacobean in style but built over a previous building so the cellars were Elizabethan. Read more
The Ghost Children of the Railway Tracks
Idsall House ghosts and history
The Black Abbot Spectre of Prestbury
The Ghost Children of the Railway Tracks-The backstory behind these ghostly children has its roots on the day of 13th of October in 1928. A night mail train, travelling between Leeds to Bristol and had passengers aboard, was approaching Charfield station in the early hours- read more
Idsall House, Prestbury- There have been some ghostly incidents at this property. Are they related to those who had lived there? - read more
The Black Abbot Spectre of Prestbury- There are several entities that seem to appear the most. One of these is said to be an Abbot, commonly known as The Black Abbot- read more
Ghosts and hauntings of Presbury
The Hauntings of Arlingham, Gloucestershire
Most haunted village Prestbury Gloucestershire
Prestbury House -The first paranormal experience that I’m writing about may have been a Timeslip. This happened in the 1930’s at Prestbury House on a street called The Burgage- read more

The Hauntings of Arlingham - A picturesque Gloucestershire village with some very interesting ghosts; The Grey Lady, The White Lady and a ghostly funeral procession - Read more
A Day Out In the Most Haunted Village in the UK -Prestbury, Gloucestershire- Find out just what happened down a spooky lane on a Summers day to paranormal author Ruth Roper Wylde and myself - Read more
ghosts hauntings Tewkesbury Gloucestershire
Black Bear pub, Tewkesbury
The Poltergeist House Stow on the Wold Gloucestershire
Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury- The Old Police Station-This building is on Barton Street, was built in the 1960’s and on the site where there once stood 2 Medieval cottages. The old police station is now 2 houses. During the years it was used as a police station, there were 2 notable spooky incidents-read more
Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury- The Black Bear - Said to be the oldest pub in Gloucestershire and the third oldest in the country, this building has seen many changes in its 700 plus history, so no surprise, it is also said to be very haunted. Read more
The Poltergeist House, Stow on the Wold- During the years of 1963 to 1964, a semi-detached house in Chapel Street, Stow on the Wold, was the scene of some very disturbing poltergeist activity. There was a family of three who resided in the property - read more
ghosts Tewkesbury pub hotel
Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury- The Berkeley Arms, Church Street -The Berkeley Arms is housed within a 3 storey building that dates from 1467 with the cellar walls being from around the 11th century and is full of oak beams, open fires and a ghostly tale as you would expect from a building of this age. Read more
Haunted Warwick House Tewkesbury
Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury-Warwick House, Church Street- The first spooky building I want to tell you about is the 16th-c building called Warwick House. It’s a Grade II listed building and is located on Church Street- read more
Brockeridge ghost sightings
The Brockeridge Common Ghost Sightings- Back in 1935, many people witnessed one of the ghosts that were said to roam this common. A local newspaper to Tewkesbury had a letter sent to them, with one witnesses account of their experience- read more
Gloucestershire ghost mystical times blog
Ghost Reports of Yesteryear in Gloucestershire Here are some stories of ghosts reported by various Gloucestershire newspapers ranging from 1851 to 1925- Read more
The Captain- Station Hotel, Gloucester ghosts hauntings Gloucestershire
The Captain- Station Hotel, Gloucester This ghostly experience happened at The Station Hotel in Gloucester, Gloucestershire back in 2018 read more
Haunted Alleyway, Cheltenham
Haunted Alleyway, Cheltenham On the dark nights of January there is said to be a ghostly figure that roams in the narrow alley that runs behind the houses on St. Phillips Street, Cheltenham- read more
The Drummer Boy- Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury
The Drummer Boy- Tudor House Hotel, Tewkesbury It was several years ago when I stayed at the Tudor House hotel. On this occasion, we stayed 2 nights read more
Haunted Retail Property, Gloucester  mystical times blog
Haunted Retail Property, Gloucester Now we go over to Gloucester, to the theatre that once stood on Westgate Street, The Theatre Royal. The theatre was built in 1791 by John Boles Watson - read more 
Littledean Hall, Forest of Dean ghosts haunted
Littledean Hall, Forest of Dean Littledean Hall is said to originate from the 5th century, when it was originally a Saxon hall then a church to- read more