The Horror of Hare Lane, Gloucester 

There was a bicycle repair shop on Hare Lane, Gloucester, back in the day when the bicycle was used as daily transport and one lucky young man, Mr Howell, was taken on at this shop to learn how to repair bicycles. Howell was mainly working in the workshop, which was in the cellar, below the shop. This cellar was said to be connected by a network of tunnels to the Cathedral.  

At the time when Howell had his very creepy experience, there were tram lines that were being taken up so there was lots of noise and the shop would shake. This would also attract groups of people who wanted to see what was making all the noise. 

The manager asked Howell to go down to the cellar as a bike part was needed for a customer. As Howell went down the wooden stairs, he felt a chill in the air and he thought this was odd as it was a sunny and warm day outside. As he went into the actual cellar, he saw what appeared to be grey mist coming through the brick walls. 

. The mist swirled up to 7 feet high and around 3 feet wide and it began to swirl around the bewildered Howell. He couldn’t move when this happened as he froze in fright. He said the mist felt icy cold. Then, it just disappeared! Howell was able to later tell the manager about what had happened to him and he still felt quite scared when he had to go down into the cellar. 

It was around a year later that something happened that could possibly give an explanation to what Howell had experienced. It was after a very heavy rainstorm when part of the cellar walls crumbled and fell in. When the scene was about to be cleaned up. Amongst the rubble, a coffin was found amongst the rubble. Apparently there had once been a graveyard next to where the shop had been built and the cellar was as deep as the coffins that were buried there!