The Brockeridge Common Ghost Sightings

Brockeridge Common historical ghost sightings

Brockeridge Common is in the parish of Twyning and is, as the name states, a common. Back in the day, it was heavily wooded, and people would walk or ride horses across it to access other villages or areas and later on, roads would be built too.

There was an amazing discovery in one of the quarries on Brockeridge common around 1850, an almost complete skeleton of an Ichthyosaurus. The Ichthyosaurus was a marine reptile of the Mesozoic era, resembling a dolphin with a long-pointed head, four flippers, and a vertical tail.

The common has many tales about it, from ghosts to darker tales and this time I will be sharing with you about ghosts that have been witnessed on and around the common.

At the beginning of January 1934, the Tewkesbury Register and Agricultural Gazette reported the residents local to the common were discussing the spectral visitors that had been witnessed by those using the common. Some of the local residents were reported as feeling uneasy about such things happening so near to their homes. The newspaper had received a letter from a reader of the publication, who remained anonymous except for the three initials that they signed off with, so the paper decided to print the entire letter and asked readers to make up their own minds.  

So here is that letter, word for word and any misspellings that the writer made, I will include also.  

Dear Sir,

At Brockeridge and surrounding villages seem to have nothing else to talk about that the Brockeridge Common Ghost, I think it is my place to write to you about it, as I know for a fact that such a Ghost do exist on the Common. One of my friends and myself had heard so much about this ghost that we decided to investigate ourselves. So on Sunday night at 11.30, we went to Brockeridge. A roadway about halfway down was the arranged place so we waited by some sheds until the clock chimed 11.45 then we crept back into the bushes then all of a sudden, we heard a terrible cry and it was the cry like that of a woman. Then we seen a bright light appear in a wood a little way off, know as Vauxhall Cover.

“Frightened to Breathe”

This shone in the same place for a time and then it came straight for the roadway and the bushes where we were. We both crouched low, almost frightened to breathe. The light came nearer and we were able to see that the ghost was in the shape of a woman, dressed in white. The light we could see was coming from what should have been her eyes, it went gliding by us without a sound and went on to reach the main road. There it stood for a few moments, then it came back.

In the meantime, my friend and I had decided to follow at a good distance behind to see what would happen to this weird woman. So when she had gone by, we waited a little while then followed her. She went back to the cover and entered a sort of cellar, all that remains of a large house. Here it stopped for a little while and just as we were thinking of going home, we heard that terrible cry once and up, out of the cellar and made off into a different direction, over a ploughed field and two green fields.


Then it disappeared from view for a couple of minutes. The next thing we saw was the light going up the hill. Which I think was known as Fowborough Hill. I think it went round the hill 5 or 6 times, as though it had lost something.


Although we waited for about 10 minutes, we never seen nor heard another sound so we decided to go home and come again to find out about this weard woman next week all being well. There is one thing however much anyone says there thing no such thing as ghosts I will always after this, say there is.

The newspaper never included the three initials from the letter. A reporter made some enquiries in the area on the following Monday and was assured that the story of a ghost appearing on the common was taken seriously by local residents and those who used the common. One man called the newspaper to tell of his ghostly experience on the common-

Saw the Ghost!

When cycling home with 3 other young men on Saturday night, the ghost suddenly appeared near the side of the road. Two of the men, which included the man’s younger brother, pedalled as quickly as possible to get away from the scene. The man on the phone said he and another man got off their bicycles and tried to run after the apparition but it glided off into the trees.


Parties of men have waited on the common for several hours at a time during the night, to catch a glimpse of this spook. According to the reporter, there had also been lots of disagreements as to what this ghost could be. A local resident said that an old white horse would sometimes be parked on the common for a night but those saying there is a ghost, this doesn’t explain what has been witnessed.

The newspaper finishes the report by saying “We’ll leave it at.”