The Captain- Station Hotel, Gloucester

The Captain- Station Hotel, Gloucester ghost haunted hotels

This ghostly experience happened at The Station Hotel in Gloucester, Gloucestershire back in 2018. I was staying in one of the rooms with my friend Wendy. We had been looking at properties all day so was quite tired after walking many miles during the day in Gloucester. We had gone out for a meal but was back in our room for around 9pm.

We were both tired so it was lights out and Wendy was asleep before me. I am not too good at falling asleep in different surroundings so I just listened to podcasts whilst relaxing enough to go to sleep.

It was around 5am when I woke up and felt compelled to turn over as I was facing the wall. As I looked over to the rest of the room, I saw a male figure wearing a tricorn hat with what I would think was a ships captain uniform. It was a faded dark blue coat with gold braiding on it and he had some sort of waistcoat that must've been red at one but as it looked almost pink as like the coat, it was faded. The uniform looked well made but quite old and used.

I was a bit bleary eyed but I then saw Wendy get up from her bed (her bed was nearer to this figure) and she actually went up to him and made talking noises (very incoherent) to his face. I could tell she was still asleep, despite getting up and talking (gibberish) so I just gently said "Are you ok?". She then turned round and got back into her bed and the figure had disappeared.

There wasn't a feeling of being scared or we were in danger, it was just rather random!

When Wendy later woke up properly, she was amazed to hear about this figure and what she did- she had no memory of this happening at all.

We later spoke to an estate agent who knew something about the history of the area we stayed in and he told us there would've been people like a ships captain and the like in that area, due to the way the docks area and the train station area had been connected.

To add- we stayed in the room with the facing big window on the 2nd floor