Five Go Ghost Hunting in Gloucestershire

-in 1950

It was on the night of a full moon on October 24th, 1950 when 5 young men, all in their early twenties, decided they were going to seek out the ghosts that had been witnessed throughout the decades at an ancient barn that was said to have been a Saxon church. They would be accompanied by a reporter from one of the local Gloucestershire newspapers. 

As well as the ancient barn, they would also be accessing the graveyard of the church in Leonard Stanley, a village near Stroud. The church had been part of a Augustinian priory and few buildings remain from that era. Although this hasn’t stopped the sightings of ghostly monks being seen. Even the previous vicar spoke of seeing the apparition of a monk on several occasions. Mrs Love, one of the oldest parishioners, had been sitting quietly in the church when she too, saw a figure in black robes cross from the direction of the vestry towards the pulpit, only to disappear when the figure reached the pulpit. 

A very curious event was when a photographer, Mr Adams, was taking photos inside the church. He put the camera on a tripod and was using a timer to take photos every 10 seconds. He took several steps away, only to return to see his camera was several feet away from the tripod. He decided to leave then, only to return at a later date as he really wanted to photograph the interior of the church. 

He made sure he stood beside his camera this time but when developing the photographs, he saw that in one photo, in the centre, in his words, was ‘A nebulous figure whose face had a most malignant expression’.  Mr Adams also blamed this photo for a run of very bad luck he experienced, which stopped after he destroyed all copies of this photograph and the negatives

Back to the 5 young men on their ghost vigil. They got to the area at midnight and spent several hours with the reporter and photographer. Sadly, all that they experienced for their efforts were a prowling cat, some scared ducks and a restless horse.