The Ghostly Hounds of Gloucestershire

This incident was reported to a local Gloucestershire newspaper in 1950. It happened near Little Badminton, in a wooded area. A group of 4 people, who were 2 married couples, decided to go on an all night ramble in the wooded area. One of the husbands remembers checking his watch when a local church clock struck 12.45am, when all of a sudden, 2 spectre hounds, who seemed to have appeared from nowhere, sped down a pathway where the group had just been walking on. There was no sound and the hounds never touched the ground whilst running. The hounds tongues were hanging out as the group was paralysed by wonderment and fear at such a sight. The hounds, with their heads down, headed towards the tombs of the Dukes of Beaufort, which were at the foot of a grassy knoll, opposite of the path. 

The ghostly dogs took no notice of their observers as they seemed to be focused on where they were running to. The couples all exclaimed that the appearance of these spectral hounds were gruesome and the silence that accompanied their movements was deafening.

There had been no hunting nor hunting dogs for over 2 decades in this area so just what had these couples seen? There are no further reports on this sighting unfortunately.