Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury

Warwick House Church Street

Tewkesbury is a medieval market town in Gloucestershire, famous for one of decisive battles fought in the War of the Roses. This battle became known as the Battle of Tewkesbury and was fought in 1471. Tewkesbury is also well known for it’s beautiful 900 year old Abbey and many historic alleyways that weave in and out of the busy town centre streets so it’s no surprise that there are many ghostly experiences that have happened in the town.

So join me for a spooky stroll around Tewkesbury-

Ghost and Hauntings of Tewkesbury Church Street

If you've had an experience in or near to Warwick House then I want to hear about it as I'm compiling spooky experiences about Tewkesbury & the rest of Gloucestershire

The first spooky building I want to tell you about is the 16th-c building called Warwick House. It’s a Grade II listed building and is located on Church Street. As you can see from the photo, it’s a magnificent timber framed building, which has had lots of different uses over the last several hundred years.

In the 1970’s, it was a bistro, and the staff would regularly see a figure of a person on the stairs but when the staff would approach them, the figure would disappear. This was said to happen when the bistro was closed for the evening so no one, apart from the staff, should’ve been in the building when this figure was sighted.

Along with the figure on the stairs, there were also sightings of a large Alsatian dog that would be seen all over the building. The sightings of both the figure and the dog became more frequent and alongside this, unexplained noises began. There were slamming doors and sounds as though things were being moved around.

These sights and sounds became very frequent for around 2 weeks when suddenly, a fire broke out in the building. Luckily it was under control before it spread further and caused more damage. Obviously, it being a timber framed building, it would be more susceptible to fire but no-one could explain how the fire, in such a short time, could become so intense that it melted the aluminium beer barrels within a very short amount of time. Were the sightings and noises some sort of warning?

Fascinating accounts indeed.