Strange Happenings at Belas Knap Long Barrow, Gloucestershire

Belas Knap is a neolithic, chambered long barrow, situated on Cleeve Hill, Gloucestershire. When the chamber tombs were first excavated in the 1860s, the remains of 38 people were uncovered. These people were of all ages and they all had dolichocephalic skulls.

During this excavation, a circle of stones were found in the centre of the barrow and there was wood ash in the centre so it is highly probable that those who were still alive, would sit amongst their dead. 

This 5,000 year old long barrow was partially restored and the chambers were opened up and now members of the public can visit and enter the barrow. It may be of no surprise that strange sights have been witnessed here.

Several years ago, a lone woman was stood at Belas Knap when she saw a procession of monks, walking across an open field towards the mound. Thinking the monks were there to perform some religious ceremony, the woman walked the other way to give them some solitude. She waited several minutes but didn’t see them arrive so walked back to the mound, only to find no one was there. She looked towards where she had seen them but she saw the landscape had changed. Had she witnessed ghosts or was this some sort of time slip experience? 

A family of 4 had brought a picnic hamper to the barrow and decided to have their picnic on top of the chamber, as it was such a lovely sunny day. As they laid their food, cutlery and plates on the picnic cloth, a strange thing happened. A strong gust of air blew all their picnic items up into the air and scattered them all around. Was this some sort of poltergeist energy trying to get rid of these unexpecting picnickers? Maybe those energies felt disrespected by having people eat upon the chambers? 

On another occasion, a husband and wife were visiting the long barrow when they both saw green coloured light anomalies and they could sense someone, or something was in the wooded area nearby. This didn’t put off the couple from going into the chamber. They sat down and both had the sensation of pins and needles, as though their bodies were vibrating. It was then that they started to hear drumming; a slow beat, which sounded as though it was coming from outside so they got up and went out to look. As they did, the drum beat stopped dead. This made the couple rather nervous so they quickly made their way back to their parked car. 

Another strange sight that has been witnessed here many times, is that of grey humanoid figures, marching up the hill to Belas Knap. No one can describe what these figures look like in any fine details, as they all seem to be a muted grey colour and look as though they are marching in unison.

Have you had a strange and spooky happening at Belas Knap? If you have then I want to hear about it so please contact me here