Littledean Hall, Forest of Dean

Littledean Hall, Forest of Dean ghosts haunting history

Littledean Hall is said to originate from the 5th century, when it was originally a Saxon hall then a church to then be remodelled as a Norman hall, complete with a crypt and undercroft (these are like a cellar but usually made with bricks and vaulted). By 1080, the building was recorded as a medieval manor but by 1612, it was replaced by a Jacobean house. So the land and property have had many, many changes over it's construction. Even the driveway (which has 500 year old Sweet Chestnut trees lining it) has got the remains of a Roman road underneath it. So no surprise that it is said to be very haunted!

One of the well known ghosts of Littledean Hall is that of a small black boy, who was a servant to one of the young sons, Charles Pyrke, that resided at the property. The servant boy's ghost has been seen on the landing in the house. A reporter from The Fortean Times witnessed this ghost running across the landing but when the reporter went to investigate, all he found was the portrait of the young servant with Charles Pyrke.

There have been so many weird and paranormal incidents at Littledean Hall that there has been a book written about it by Don Macer-Wright. It's certainly worth getting if you enjoy reading about big spooky houses, are into the paranormal, a lover of history or all 3! You can email them here to order a copy-