The Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury- The Grey Man Haunting

Let's pay a visit to a haunted building in Tewkesbury in Church Street, where the British Legion Club once had its premises. 

It was during the 1960’s when the steward and stewardess of the club, Mr & Mrs Steer told a local newspaper that the premises had a ghost and that they nicknamed it The Man in Grey, due to him being totally grey in appearance with no discernible features, just the shape of a man. The couple said that they would see this figure moving about and hear his footsteps and this could happen at any time of day or night. They were unafraid of this spectre and even thought of him as their ghostly friend! It had spooked Mr Steer only on one occasion and that’s when he was going down the cellar steps, that the grey ghost actually brushed past him. They also said that this ghost didn’t like Christmas decorations as Mr Steer had purchased a Victorian birdcage lantern and decorated it in a festive way and hung it up in front of one of the windows. That night, they heard noises so they ventured downstairs to find the lantern had been smashed to pieces. Nothing else had been touched in that room. 

The apparition had also been seen in the bar area and a club member said that the man in grey has walked past him on several occasions and there has always been a coldness felt when this happened. 

Only one person has seen the face and clothing of this spectre and that was a Mr. Hackett. Mr Hackett was filling in as club steward one evening as the Steers were having the night off. After the club closed that night, it was around 11.30pm when Mr Hackett was clearing up and doing the prep at the bar, he noticed a man in the bar area, walking towards the door. Mr Hackett called out “Where do you think you’re going?” and the figure turned round to face him. Mr Hackett noted that the middle aged male face had sharp features and was wearing a monks robe. Mr Hackett said this figure just stared at him for a few seconds and then just disappeared right in front of him! Mr Hackett said she wasn’t embarrassed to say that this incident had thoroughly frightened him. He then went to find his wife, who was in another part of the building and she remarked that he looked as though he'd seen a ghost to which he replied that he had!

Mr and Mrs Steer said they were happy to live side by side with the Man in Grey.