Haunted Retail Property, Gloucester

Haunted Retail Property, Gloucester  mystical times blog

Now we go over to Gloucester, to the theatre that once stood on Westgate Street, The Theatre Royal. The theatre was built in 1791 by John Boles Watson and even Charles Dickens once performed a trail scene from The Pickwick Papers to a capacity audience.

But it was in 1880 that an actress called Eliza Johnson, fell in love with the theatre's manager, Mr. JL Toole. He didn't feel the same about Eliza and she took this very badly and it ended up with Eliza taking her own life in the dressing room of the theatre. She is said to have hung herself.

In 1911, the theatre became a cinema then in 1922, it became a Woolworths store. In the 1970's, the then DIY store Texas set up a store in the building. It was only when the diy store was operating that customers started to report seeing the ghostly figure of a Victorian woman, who appeared distressed on a stairway in the building. Some witnesses stated they had also smelt a strong smell of burning at the time of seeing the apparition.

When the diy store left the building, it was then occupied by Poundstretcher and of course, the building was slightly modified for the use of this discount shop. The workmen making the adjustments to the property, came across the letter E, that was imprinted on the wall of the basement. They said they were unable to remove the letter- was this E said to represent Eliza?

Staff at this Poundstretchers are said to feel the ghostly presence of something not of this world. They report the area feels icy cold and that in the basement, they feel as though they are choking or gagging. They even came into work one morning to find the store in a mess by finding lots of cardboard boxes strewn around. They checked their cctv, as they thought someone had come into the store during the night but no one was there, apart from a ghostly looking image on the stairs, whilst the boxes were being thrown around.