Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury- Tolsey Lane

One of the oldest roads in Tewkesbury is Tolsey Lane, which has had some very strange experiences reported. Where the narrowest part Tolsey Lane meets the High Street, there is a building which once housed a branch of a well known UK retailer of newspapers. The manager of the store lived above the store with his family. They would regularly hear doors banging, footsteps and just very odd noises which couldn’t be easily explained. The cellar of the building was the most troubling of all. The manager said he had seen something small and dark in there, which gave off a sense of evil. The local paper boys would never enter the cellar alone when they had to pack their delivery bags up early in the morning. They would always wait until there were a group of them as they were too scared to enter the cellar on their own.   

The building was later taken over by a ladies fashion shop. The staff who worked there experienced ghostly phenomena and ended up going to the local newspaper, who sent a reporter and photographer over to cover the story. The ladies who worked there said that clothes were strewn across the store when nobody was there. They would hear doors being opened and slammed upstairs when there was no one up on that floor. Two of the staff volunteered to take the reporter and photographer down to the cellar but they had only taken a couple of steps down into the cellar when they felt they were unable to go any further. The photographer took a photo of the staff members huddled at the bottom of the stairs and they told him that they had seen a creature and felt the presence of evil. They described what they had seen as ‘a black furry animal, not a cat or a dog’ whilst pointing to a darkened alcove of the cellar.The photographer then pointed his camera in that direction of the cellar and tried to take a photo but his camera had jammed. He turned around and took a photo of the stairs and the camera worked but when he tried again to take a photo in the cellar, it wouldn’t work. He tried several times but the camera would not work in the cellar.

When the reporter returned to her office, she typed up a report about the strange things happening in the building. She did this on her work computer then saved the file. This was along with her other reports she had written up that day. The very next day at work, the reporter went to edit her reports but the report about the building had just vanished. Strangely, all the other reports typed that day were still there.  

Also on Tolsey Lane, the strangest of ghost sightings has been reported. People have reported seeing a full ghostly funeral procession being held. The procession is led by undertakers and pallbearers, all wearing full black mourning garb; tall top hats with veils, along with a coffin in a horse drawn hearse. This sight has been reported by many, even police officers but it has only been witnessed in the darkness of night.