Ghosts and Hauntings of Tewkesbury

The Old Police Station, Barton Street

This building, which is on Barton Street, was built in the 1960’s and on the site where there once stood 2 Medieval cottages. The old police station is now 2 houses. During the years it was used as a police station, there were 2 notable spooky incidents. The first was a noise disturbance of crashing and banging sounds, along with the sound of a child crying. The area where this was witnessed had a cupboard which contained bones that were found on Bredon Hill, a nearby beauty spot, which had had several strange deaths that had occurred there. The noise disturbances became more frequent until the bones were later found to be that of a small boy and were properly laid to rest. It is said that it had been the ghost of the boy’s sister who wanted to find her brother. I’ve been unable to find out more about why it was thought to have been the boy’s sister but I’m researching it and will update when I find out.

The second incident involved a civilian who worked at the station as a receptionist. It was when she was working a late shift when the photocopier started to spit out reams of blank paper. It wouldn’t switch off, so the receptionist unplugged the photocopier to make it stop but it didn’t! It still spat out blank sheets of paper until it run out. When she told officers about this incident, she explained it away by saying “It’s only the ghost, nothing to worry about.”

If you worked at the police station or are living or have lived in these buildings then I’d love to hear any spooky experiences you’ve had, no matter how big or small. You can contact me here