The Poltergeist House

Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire

During the years of 1963 to 1964, a semi-detached house in *Chapel Street, Stow on the Wold, was the scene of some very disturbing poltergeist activity. There was a family of three who resided in the property; Mr Stanley, his wife Mrs Nancy Pethwick and their 14 year old son David. Published reports of the activity included pools of water appearing all over the house and even streams of water coming through the walls. When the water was mopped or wiped away, it would appear elsewhere in the house

Mr and Mrs Pethwick called in 3 plumbers to try and sort the water issues out but to no avail. Even when the most experienced person from the waterboard came to inspect the property, no resolution could be found. It was when the water began to regularly show up in the kitchen, the tapping noises began. It would come from the insides of cupboards and have a rhythm to it. Writing also began to appear on the walls but I have not been able to discover what was written.

David would be tipped out of his bed. Gouges in his headboard were also found. Sheets would be ripped up and even a dressing gown flew off his bedroom door, where it had been hanging, and was stuffed under his mattress. Furniture in the house began moving on its own and with this activity happening, a male voice was heard, telling the Pethwick’s that he had been one of the builders who built the house and that he had died 20 years ago on February 15th. This voice was only heard when David was around.

One night, Mr and Mrs Pethwick were in their son’s bedroom when Mrs Pethwicks eyes were drawn to the end of her son's bed. She saw a tiny baby’s hand which grew into an adult male sized right before her eyes. Mr Pethwick also witnessed this.

The Pethwick’s decided to go on holiday to Devon, thinking they would get respite from this poltergeist but unfortunately, the poltergeist activity followed them there. The Pethwick’s found a local church but even then, the tapping of the poltergeist could be heard throughout the church building. For whatever reason, after that visit to the church, there were no more poltergeist activities. The Pethwick’s returned to their home and all was calm as it seemed the poltergeist stayed in Devon!

*In some reports of this case, there was a typing error on the name of the street. The error stated it was ‘Chapen Street’ but there is no such street in Stow on the Wold. only Chapel Street.

Photo by Małgorzata Pazura