Creepy Phone Calls from a Strange Entity

Spooky Sunday 10/04/2022

This week I am featuring these 4 phone calls from February 1993 from the website Normal Paranormal. I heard an interview with the owner of the site Justin Bamford, on Midnight.FM back in July 2021. The interview got round to talking about Men in Black and how these men look 'normal' but tend to talk in a monotone manner and sometimes say things that don't quite make sense. This has also been the way to describe the Black Eye Kids way of talking. Whether these entities have anything to do with each other, your guess is as good as mine!

These calls are very odd and the monotone voice is quite bizarre. 3 of them were made in the same night and the 4th came the next day. The calls were asking for Gary Sudbrink, who was an Air Force captain and was assigned to medical pharmacy work in Texas but had decided to make a surprise visit to his parents house in Long Island, NY.

Gary then decided to call his close friend Mike when he arrived in Long Island. Mike said Gary had called the night before and told Mike he was coming to Long Island via LaGuardia - but Gary hadn't called and he had flown to JFK. Who or whatever was impersonating Gary on the phone call had asked Mike to hang out the next evening but Mike said Gary sounded as though he had a heavy cold so decided not to take him up on that.

So it's during this phone call that these odd ones began- listen here

Would love to know what your thoughts are on these as I found them extremely odd indeed- Twitter