It's in the Trees

Spooky Sunday 14/02/2021

This photo was taken in 2018 in Plessey Woods Park by Laura Watson, She was visiting the local beauty spot with her 2 children Charlotte (15) and Byrin (9) and their cousin Jack (16). They had been enjoying a picnic and decided to walk around the woods. They came across this tree and all decided to have their photo taken whilst 2 of the children climbed it. It wasn't until later, when Laura uploaded the photo from her phone to her computer, that she saw the face and hand right behind the tree where Byrin was stood in front of.

The image spooked Laura and her daughter and despite not really paying much attention to the paranormal, this capture has made Laura question as to what she now did believe to be possible. There have been rumours that the spirit of a boy, who drowned nearby, is said to haunt these woods. Could it be that or maybe a Tree Spirit?