The Unexpected Diner

Spooky Sunday 16/08/2020

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These 2 photos were taken in 1988 Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Maurach, Austria.The group of people were enjoying each others company whilst enjoying food and drinks.The camera was set up on another table so a group photo could be taken. The person taking the photo put the camera into timer mode and sat back down at the table so to be included in the photo. The flash didn't work on the first photo so a 2nd photo was taken. Again, with most ghostly figure photos, it wasn't until afterwards that the disproportionate sized head was spotted.
Yes, the photo in which the females head appears was a touch blurry but this doesn't explain how the head appeared. If this was a person, they would've had to sit in the middle of the table to explain the difference in the size of head.  

No one in the group recognised this figure that appeared in the photo.
Interestingly, this photo was examined by the Royal Photographic Society, which is part of the photographic department of Leicester University and the Society of Physical Research and the conclusion is that it wasn't a double exposure.