The Ghostly Figure in the Garden

Spooky Sunday 05/02/23

A lightened copy of the photo

This photograph was taken in 2017 by Jay James, who was having a smoke at 3am in his gran's back garden. He took the photo as he heard some noises coming from the garden and thinking it might have been a nocturnal fox that had recently been seen in the Gloucester neighbourhood, he took the photo on his Samsung Galaxy phone. 

Jay was rather shocked when he saw the ghostly figure of a person in the photo and he shared it with some of his friends on Facebook. Many of them remarked it looked as though it was a figure of an older lady. Jay said he doesn't believe in ghosts or anything paranormal but was perplexed to what is seen in the photo.

His gran told him that her house and the house next door had been interconnected with a younger married couple next door and the wife's older aunty and uncle had lived in her house. The uncle had died in the house, in one of the back rooms that faced the gardens,

Jay stresses that he was smoking a normal cigarette and hadn't long got off from working at a local restaurant and that's why he unwinding in the back garden in the early hours in the morning.  Other people commenting on the photo say they can see an elderly woman on a zimmer frame whilst others have said they can see a man pushing a wheelbarrow.

The garden during daylight hours