Ghosts on the Underground

Spooky Sunday 03/04/2022
Ghosts of London Underground Mystical times blog

This documentary was made in 2005 and it explores people who work or worked for the London Underground who share their ghostly experiences. Lots of plague pits, crypts and churches have been disturbed in the making of the tracks and stations, could this be why parts of the underground are said to be haunted?

Growing up in SW London, I would, with my big sister, use the tube and its stations to go on adventures, shopping or to school. I couldn't imagine working on the underground especially the job where you have to walk the tracks and make sure tracks are clean and maintained at night time.

My favourite experience in the documentary is when the manager in training, had to walk the tracks on his own with just a torch and came across an unusual sight- very disturbing! Let me know which experience you found intriguing - Twitter