The Ghost of St Botolph, Bishopgate, London

Spooky Sunday 06/03.2022
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This photo (originally in colour) was taken in 1982 by Chris Brackley in the historic St, Botolph church in London. He was taking photos with only his wife and himself inside the church. According to reports, Chris Brackley's photo equipment was not at fault and the negative of the photo was deeply examined for any natural explanations to explain the photo. As it couldn't be explained by faulty equipment or by the negative, it was then that the couple were told there must've been another person in the church that went un-noticed.

It was a few years later that a builder, who had worked on a restoration project on the church crypt, contacted Chris Brackley and said during the works, a wall had disturbed several coffins. The lid of one coffin came away to reveal a well preserved body and whose face looked eerily like the ghostly face in the photo!

A close up of the figure in the photo. To my eye, the figure appears to be wearing a hat of some kind and top appears to have some detail to the neck and chest area, with a pleated tunic style top- perhaps medieval in style.

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