Ghostly Figures in Norwich Cathedral Cloisters

Spooky Sunday 20th July 2023
Norwich Cathedral, ghost photo in 1990 by Rachel Burch

This photo was taken in the deserted cloisters of Norwich Cathedral, in 1990 by Rachel Burch, who was taking sepia photos for a GCSE art project. The Cathedral was closed to members of the public when this photo was taken. Rachel later got the roll of film developed at a local Boots store.  

Rachel’s mother had volunteered at the Cathedral’s shop and gave the photo to Caroline Weeds, who was also a volunteer at the cathedral. Caroline said that the woman who ran the restaurant would talk about a ghost that had been witnessed by several employees and volunteers. They named this spectre as ‘Brother Fred’ as the cathedral had once had a monastery upon its grounds and there had been Benedict Monks living and working there.

The staff would feel as though they were being watched and one staff member had something touch her hand, which she described as icy cold in sensation. A manager of the shop was unable to open a door as it felt there was someone the other side, pushing it shut.

Even patrons to cathedral have been affected by the ghosts; one customer came into the restaurant looking shocked. He told the staff he had seen a figure walk straight through one of the walls. Staff made him sit down and gave him a glass of water so he could compose himself.

Builders who have worked on surrounding buildings to the cathedral, have also reported items moving on their own!

So, what do you see in this intriguing photo?

If you’ve had a spooky experience at Norwich Cathedral, then please contact me here