The Grey Lady

Spooky Sunday 21/02/2021

This photo was taken on the top of Dudley Castle Tower and shows Sharington Range Tudor palace. Dudley castle was built in 1071 and has the reputation of being the most haunted castle in England. The Sharington Range was built in the 1500s. The scenic photo was taken by tourists Dean and Amy Harper in August 2014 and was taken on a phone. They took plenty of photos on their visit and when they got home, they put the images onto their computer.

It was Amy who looked closer at this photo as it seemed to be glowing through the top window. As she panned down the enlarged photo, she was stunned to see the figure of a woman in a long dress. The couple also said they could see a small human figure beside the woman.

The Grey Lady has been seen by other people and is said to be the most seen ghost in the castle. It is said that this Grey Lady was Dorothy Beaumont, who sadly died, along with her baby, shortly after she gave birth in1646. Dorothy Beaumont had asked if she were to die, she wanted to be buried with her baby and that her husband attend her funeral. None of her requests were fulfilled and this is said to be why she still roams the grounds and castle.

Her death came at the time of the English Civil war as the castle had been taken over by the Parliamentarians, who had torn down the church where the baby has been laid to rest. Her husband was unable to enter the castle grounds as he would've been assassinated.