Wardour Castle Ghost Photo

Spooky Sunday 11/04/2021

This photo was taken at Wardour Castle in Wiltshire, UK in the summer of 2007.

Carol Earl is the lady in the photo and it was taken by her daughter on a digital camera and they have both stated that there was no one else in that area at the time. Carol has said she thinks the figure looks like an older female, who appears to be wearing glasses as well as holding a walking stick.

Wardour Castle have had other visitors who have said they've seen an older female ghostly figure but it's always been by the lake of the castles ground. It has always said that this figure was the ghost of Lady Arundell, who defended the castle during the English civil war. People who work at the castle have said no staff have reported any ghostly figures whilst they have been working there.

The castle does have an interesting history; it was built in the 14th century as a lightly fortified luxury residence to provide a a home that was comfortable to live but it was lavish enough to entertain important visitors.

it was also besieged twice in the civil war, by Parliamentary forces, who tried to take it from Lady Arundell and then again in 1644, when it was her son, Henry Arundell, who retook the castle by blowing up one side of the castle with a mine. After this, the castle was in ruins so it was confiscated when the Parliamentarians were the victors in battle and when King Charles I was executed. When Henry VIII was able to recover his estates in 1660, after the monarchy was restored, he didn't rebuild the castle, he built a smaller house on the grounds.