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Spooky Sunday 02/01/2022
Spooky ghost photo aircraft museum
ghost photos Spooky Sunday

This Spooky Sunday post contains 3 photos taken by a group called Spectre detectors  and I heard one of the group, Elaine Kelly, being interviewed on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes podcast and I was intrigued in hearing about the photos that had been taken on many of Spectre Detectors investigations. I thought I would share the photos that most intrigued me.

This set of photos were taken at The North East Land, Sea and Air Museums in November 2021. It was Elaine Kelly who took these photos and the plane that is in the photos comes from an airline that has since stopped operating. Here is a link to the plane and airlines history 

To my eye, it looks like the figure is wearing an air hostess uniform. (I've added a photo below for comparison) and the figure was not seen at the time of the photos being taken. I find it compelling that the figure moves in/materialises on each shot of the camera.

Elaine has done some research on who this ghostly figure could be and so far, she has some up with this  

Photos © Spectre Detectors

Link to The Unexplained with Howard Hughes podcast  

The shirt collar from the 1960/70's air hostess uniforms are very similar to the spooky figure and the hat shape is too.

Very interesting photos indeed!