The Ghost Monks of Tintern Abbey

Spooky Sunday 04/12/2022

This is a video from one of my favourite YouTube channels Ghost Watching and this particular video shows the photo that Ghost Watcher took when on a family visit to the ruins of Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire, Wales in 2008.

Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, stands by the River Wye and it was founded by the Cistercian monks in 1131 AD. It sits close to the Welsh and English border. The monk figures can be seen on the first floor but there are no actual floors left in the building. Could these figures just be down to the angle in which the photo was taken so that background walls could cause the effect of looking like 2 figures of monks? I think I need to visit these ruins as it's not too far from Tewkesbury!

The Ghost Watching channel has a great catalogue of spooky videos to watch.

Another monk ghostly figure at Tintern Abbey!

I found a more recent photo of a ghostly monk at Tintern Abbey. This one is from 2018 and was taken by Rosie Boulton, who described herself as an urban explorer. This ghostly monk figure is on the ground floor rather than the 1st floor like Ghost Watching's photo. Rosie only discovered the unseen figure when returned home and closely looked at the photos she had taken. She said the area felt creeped out when she and her friends visited the ruins.

This photo below is the full version
Tintern Abbey Wales Haunted