The Chillingham Castle Face

Spooky Sunday 02/10/2022

This photo was sent to me and was taken in the dungeon area of Chillingham Castle in June 2022 by *Martha, who was staying at the castle for a few nights with her partner *Douglas. Martha didn’t sense anything when taking the photo but had felt some unseen force in the main area of the castle. Douglas felt as though something was on the staircase in the oldest part of the castle so the photo was taken as part of documenting their stay in a very historic building.

The photo, to my eye, has what appears to be a face, emerging from the solid stone walls. The dungeon area was used as a prison area and you can see scratches on the walls, where prisoners noted how long they were being imprisoned. It was also used as a hiding place when the occupants needed to be hidden. There were also the bones of a child found, hidden in a vault below the dungeon. A passage from the dungeon area to the great towers were filled in as they were weak against cannon shots.

The photo could be pareidolia due to the surface of the stone wall and lighting but this photo seems to have an extra element to it which is hard to ignore.

Chillingham Castle has a long and bloody history and has had the same bloodline occupying it since the 1200’s. You can find out more about its history and how it’s currently run by going to their website here

If you have visited Chillingham Castle and have a photo with an anomaly on it or have had a spooky experience there then please let me know by contacting me here

*not real names