Coventry Flat Ghost Photo

Spooky Sunday Ghosts paranormal Coventry

This photo was taken in October 2020 in a living room of a flat in Coventry, Warwickshire, England. The photo was taken of 7 women all enjoying an evening at Rebecca Glassbarow's downstairs neighbours home. If you look towards the back of the photo, where 2 women are lifting up their arms, you can spot an 8th figure at the back. The figure seems to have long dark hair and has their head tilted up to the ceiling.

There were only 7 women in the photo that were in the flat at the time and no one has any idea of who the 8th figure could be. They think the figure is a woman and Rebecca heard from neighbours that someone had died in the bath in the flat but no time lines were given for when this would've happened.

Rebecca also says she has seen dark figures in the flat whilst she has been in her bedroom plus has heard weird noises, which she always put down to neighbours but now believes the block of flats to be haunted.

It is believed that the flats were constructed in what used to be an old factory. It would be great to know exactly where this block of flats were situated and find out the history of the building!