Odd Lights & Figure in Pub Garden

This  footage (below left) was captured on CCTV footage from the Twa Dogs Inn, Keswick, Cumbria. The video shows 2 fluorescent round orbs, which appear to be on the upper regions of a human figure. This figure and orbs were spotted by one of the bar staff Sharon Hankin, who showed it to the landlord Peter Harding. He went out to the area to investigate but found nothing.

The footage shows the beer garden where Peter Harding had placed 2 marquees, decked the side area and laid down some artificial grass in the pub so they could offer table service in these COVID times.

The figure appears to be bumping into the side of one of the marquees and the illuminous parts can be seen through one of the posts too. 

The pub does have a history of some paranormal activity but this has been inside the pub and not on the outside. There has been a ghostly figure seen through a hatch that opens to the pool room. The figure was seen wearing a blue jacket and when the member of staff went to see who was in the pub, no one was found. Footsteps have been heard on the stairs (when the pub wasn't opened to the public) and one member of staff returned some keys to the upper part of the pub, she heard a loud growl behind her. Also when beds have been neatly made, when they are checked on later, it appears that someone has been lying on them and messing them up.

Could it be an insect, someone wearing a reflective top or something else?