The Flint Castle Ghost

Spooky Sunday 30/01/2022

This photo was taken in August 2021 at Flint Castle in Wales. It was taken by a father who was visiting the grounds of the castle remains with his young son. Again, like with many of these photos, the figure in the photo wasn't seen until the father and son returned home and began to view all the photos taken that day.

To my eye, the figure has an ethereal feel to it, whether that is due to the camera not being able to focus on the figure and giving off that shaded look or there has been a ghostly figure captured in this image, The head is of a large size for the torso but it has a strange pose to it; the crossed arms (was the figure carrying something?) and the knee bent as though in motion. A very intriguing photo indeed!

Flint Castle in Flint, Flintshire, Wales has a long and varied history. Built in 1277-1284 on the orders of King Edward I, it was the first of many built in Wales as the king wanted to conquer the country. This castle was strategic in it's placement as it was only a days march from the English city of Chester so handy for replenishments of foods, armoury and fighting men too.