Soldier Ghost

Spooky Sunday 30/08/2020

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This photo was taken at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire, England. Woodchester Mansion was built on a previous dwelling of a Georgian country house, which was named Spring Park. It is not quite known when Woodchester Mansion was started but by 1866, both the clock tower and roof were in place.

It is said that in 1868 that the workmen downed tools and were never to return. There were rumours that a murder had taken place and there also some suspicious deaths and these are still believed to this day despite there being no real evidence. There's a lot of history to this building and the area but I'll just be focusing on the incident to which the ghost photo is related. 

It's also said that Woodchester Mansion was to be a mental health hospital but at the outbreak of WWII, it became a base for American and Canadian troops

During their stay, there were some of the troops who were sadly killed in an accident, as the bridge they were crossing collapsed and several lost their lives in the cold, dark waters of the lake. The bodies of these poor men were brought to Woodchester Mansion and were stored there until the bodies could be buried. It is said that some of these men still haunt Woodchester Mansion to this day and this is the photo taken by a member of a team of a paranormal group.