Bigfoot 911 Calls

Spooky Sunday 06/12/2020

Here are 2 (pre-edited to cut out the typing etc) 911 phone calls regarding 2 incidents in & around his back yard. The first one is regarding his large dog, who was thrown over the tall fence. Sadly the dog had already died before it had been thrown. The 2nd call is when the man actually sees a figure running across his yard as it set off the motion sensor on his security light.

You can hear that the man struggles to try and describe what he's seeing- I would imagine it's because he can't believe what he is saying. I find the 2nd call scary yet fascinating.

Ron Morehead, (who is well known in the Bigfoot world- check out the link below) interviewed this man and he did ask if an examination of the dogs body could be performed but the man wouldn't give permission. The dog was said to have been his favourite so I can understand as to why he said no.