The Cocklawborn Beach Figures

Spooky Sunday 05/06/2022

The Cocklawborn Beach Figures Spooky Sunday Mystical Times Blof

This photo was taken in the late 1990's on the beach at Cocklawborn, near Berwick upon Tweed in Northumberland.

It was a cold but bright sunny morning when the photographer of this image visited the beach. The beach was deserted but for another person walking their dog.

As the scenery at Cocklawborn beach is a great place to take interesting photos of, this was one of the many photographs taken that morning.

It wasn't until the photographs were being developed, that these figures of 3 adults and 2 children were noticed. There were no posts, stones or posts that could've been mistaken for these human forms. None of the other photos taken in the same area showed anything but the natural scenery.

These people appear to be wearing warm clothing so suitable for a walk along the cold. To my eye, it looks as though there are 2 adult sized males, along with a female holding the hand of the smallest figure, with the 2nd child several feet away, possibly staring to the right. They do appear to be just standing there, with their hands in their pockets but there seems to be something a little unnatural about how they are standing and just looking- like they are frozen in time perhaps?

There have been several deaths (that I could find) of people dying in and around the beach area. A young lad of 7 sadly died when a sand dune fell in on him and this happened in 1995. Also of interest, there were the skeletal remains found in the exact area these figures are standing. The remains were that of a male and the remains were said to have been there for around 100 years.

So are these figures some ghostly apparitions that got caught, by accident on celluloid?

Did this image capture some sort of time slip?

Or were they just a family, out for a walk but only managed to get caught once by the photographer?