Tantallon Castle - The Two Ghost Photos

Spooky Sunday 24th October 2021

You may be familiar with the well known ghost photo on the left, taken at Tantallon Castle in East Lothian in 2009 (some newspaper reports say 2008). The photo on the right was taken in 1977 and is less known. Both were taken on the same part of the castle but with the 2009 photo, the figure was higher up in the building.

The 2009 photo was taken by Christopher Aitchison. This part of the building is very popular with visitors who want the backdrop of the 14th century building in their photos. The 1977 photo was taken by Grace Lamb and features her children and late husband. The figure in the building seems have something pink on and looks like you can see the back and side of them.

Both Christopher Aitchison and Grace Lamb have stated that they did not see any figure at the time of taking these photos. Plus, Grace Lamb or her family didn’t notice anything strange when they looked at the photo. In fact, it wasn't until the 2009 photo started a debate about whether it was a ghost or not, that Grace went to relook at the photos taken on their 1977 visit, only to find there was an unexplained figure in one of their photos.

In the 2009 photo, the figure appears to be wearing a ruff collar and their face is looking forward whereas in the 1977 photo, it looks as though the figure has its back or side and is wearing something red or pink over its torso. You may see something different, so if you do, let me know.

Richard Wiseman replicated the 2009 photo at Tantallon Castle but could only do this by kneeling. If the figure in the photo was either a worker at the castle or a tourist, I doubt if they were walking about on their knees. You can see the Richard Wiseman replicated photo here- https://richardwiseman.wordpress.com/research/psychology-of-ghosts-and-hauntings/