Amityville Ghost photo

Spooky Sunday 11/10/2020

Amityville ghost photo spooky Sunday mystical times blog

This photo was taken in the infamous Amityville house in 1976. It is located in Long Island, New York. This house has a history of murder and paranormal events.

It was in 1974 that the oldest son of the Defeo family killed his parents and his 4 siblings, the youngest being just 9 years old. They were killed whilst they slept in their beds.

The house was later purchased by Lutz family, who were to live there for a very short duration due to the paranormal events that were witnessed by them.

The property was investigated by The Warrens and part of this investigation team was a professional photographer called Gene Campbell. Campbell had set up an automatic camera that took infra red photos and set it up on the 2nd floor landing of the house. So it was his camera that caught this image.

The photo was overlooked until someone on the Warren's team looked through lots of photos from their investigations and saw the ghostly image. Some people think it is the ghost of the youngest Defeo child, 9 year old John but there is another train of thought that it was one of the paranormal investigators, Paul Bartz. Bartz (who wore glasses) was there on the night that this photo was taken.