The Mystery of the Solway Spaceman

Spooky Sunday 31/05/2020

The mystery of the Solway Spaceman mystical times blog

Not a ghost but a mysterious figure taken when a father was taken photos of his daughter in Cumbria in 1964.

More high strangeness followed after this photograph was taken when what is termed "Men in Black" visited the father regarding this photo. The men took the father to where this photo was taken and asked him many questions, only to get rather upset when they heard that animals in the area became disturbed around the time this image was taken.

They then just left the father there, in the middle of nowhere and no transport- very strange and spooky indeed!

If you listen to my interview on the Weird, Wacky, Wonderful Stories Podcast, I do a deep dive into this story with some very interesting results! Click here for the interview