Figure in the Window

Spooky Sunday 20/06/2021

This weeks Spooky Sunday features a photo taken around 2011/12 in Kendal, Cumbria. The Victorian building called Meadow House, was due to be demolished and it was the demolition supervisor Robert Johnson who took the photo before the demolition began. The property had been a dentist's office when it was a new build and it later went on to become a guesthouse. It was being demolished so that a new commercial property could be built on the land. The demolition team, when stripping down the interior of building the day before it was to be demolished, said the property felt 'strange' and that a chandelier was found to be swinging on its own.

Former resident of the property, David Grimshaw, on seeing the photo, is convinced the figure in the window was his mother Frances, who had passed away less than a year before this photo was taken. Frances Grimshaw would stand at that very window, which was in the reception area, when she was alive, awaiting visitors to the guesthouse and taking bookings on the phone. David Grimshaw is convinced that this figure is his mother and that she may have appeared to protest against the demolition. David Grimshaw stated he can see the figure wearing glasses, large earrings and a dress with a large bow, all which his mother would wear.

I've added a photo of Frances Grimshaw to compare with the figure in the window photo.