Oare church on Exmoor     

Spooky Sunday 16/05/2021

This weeks Spooky Sunday is about a photo taken in Oare church which is on Exmoor. The photographer states that the church was empty when this photo was taken yet, when the photograph was developed, there seems to be a group of several people staring at the Carver window in the church.

The photo was taken well over 40 years ago and was never shared until the photographer took it to a local paranormal group in the Torbay area. This photo or rather the Carver window that the figures in the photo are looking at, has a bit of history behind it. The Oare church and the Carver window appear in a fictional novel Lorna Doone, written by R.D Blackmore. The story tells how Lorna Doone is shot by Carver Doone through this very window (hence it being called the Carver window). Some say one of the figures looks like R.D Blackmore or even his grandfather who was a rector at this very church.

This photo has many facets to what could be behind it- could it just ghosts or imprints of those who read the book & travelled to the church in their imaginations? Could it be those who have been involved with the church throughout the years or those who wrote about the church within their novels and somehow made the characters come to life in this photo? Whatever is behind this photo, it really makes you think about the possibilities of how this image came to be.