The Ilkley Moor Alien Encounter

Spooky Sunday 15/11/2020

This is a strange case from 1987 that happened on Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire in the UK. Ilkley Moor has a history of strange and mysterious happenings throughout it's long history. It's an area of interest for those wishing to explore the outdoors as well as those who wish to find out the more mysterious aspects of the moor itself.

This incident I am writing about happened to Phillip Spencer. Phillip had been a policeman for 4 years and had moved to this area of Yorkshire so he and his wife could live closer to her family.

On December 1st, Phillip was taking a walk across the moor to visit his in-laws and he bought his camera as he had heard about there being some strange lights in the sky, which he was hoping to capture on film. He had a SLR camera and had just loaded it up with some quality film as the lighting conditions at the time of his walk were not the best as it was foggy.

He had also bought a compass with him so he wouldn't get lost and was trying out different angles with his camera, when all of a sudden, out of the fog, a strange small creature could be seen. Phillip manages to take a photo of it and as he caught it in his viewfinder, it appeared that the creature was waving at him to go away. The creature just ended up running away. Phillip felt an urge to run after the creature. he stated that at the time, he felt compelled to do so, not thinking of any danger he could've put himself into.

It was as Phillip ran after it, a flying craft with a dome on top was seen rising up into the sky. Phillip had been unable to photograph this craft as it happened too quickly. Phillip waited around on the moor to see if anything else would happen but nothing did. Strangely, he had lost 1 hour of time and his compass acted strange by pointing north when it should've been pointing south.

The photo was analysed to see if it was any wildlife but that wasn't the case. The photo was recreated and it was said the creature was around 4ft tall. Kodak also checked the photo and stated the figure in the photo was not added after the photo was taken. Although the photo is rather blurry (due to weather conditions) it is certainly worthy of looking into and when you add to the fact that Phillip also lost time and his compass acted weird, it's certainly a puzzling image indeed.